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Barcelona Hotels

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The joys of Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, and only the metropolis on the Mediterranean, are many and can easily switch to discover every week. If you are like most passengers, but today, the time is at the heart of Europe during the visit. You will probably cost plan only a few days to a certain destination, then hop on the next great country or city. However, it is possible to enjoy the best of Barcelona Hotels, in a short time with the right track. Here, in three days of plan on the major art museums, excellent restaurants and shops in this magnificent city of sensational.

First of all, most of your time and booking non-stop flight Iberia Air Lines of New York City in Barcelona. Flying Spain at the national airline takes you in Spain, in a frame of mind from the beginning of your journey; Iberia business-class seats, providing enough space for more leg almost entirely the case and render the 6 hours particularly pleasant.

Next, treat yourself to a room in one of the best Hotels in Barcelona, the Hotel Arts, built for the 1992 Olympic Games. In preparation for the Olympics in Barcelona, a totally new environment along the coast and 183 hectares of the area now also includes modern apartments (formerly home Olympians), offices, shopping malls, an aquarium, a port Marina and the five-star Art. The 42-story, 450 rooms, the hotel is part of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the chain, with all the styles, services and equipment in connection with the same name. The Barcelona rooms are neutral and calming white furniture with marble bathrooms and laborious.

A group of buttons beside the bed of adapting the light of all Barcelona rooms, and even windows in the insulation from fingertips. The rooms offer an impressive view over the Mediterranean Sea or the city. Contemporary art adorns the walls and a few days later the finest modern arrangements across the public area of the hotel changed. The Barcelona hotel offers a delicious breakfast as a buffet with American justice and internationally, so that each morning, the fuel can be for a period of three days in the sights of Barcelona.